Tenant Evictions in Antelope Valley, California: A Guide for Landlords

Tenant Evictions in Antelope Valley, California: A Guide for Landlords

It's estimated that there's been a 78.6% increase in evictions since 2021. No one likes to think about evictions. They create a nightmare for both the tenant and the landlord.

Sadly, sometimes tenant evictions are the only course of action for certain renting situations. So where do you begin with this process? In this guide, we'll walk you through how evictions work in Antelope Valley, California.

We'll also discuss some landlord advice so you can avoid evictions in the future. That way, you can minimize the chance of this awful situation happening again.

What Are the Reasons for Tenant Evictions?

There are two main categories of reasons you can give for evictions. The first is at-fault reasons.

This includes things like failing to pay rent, violating the rental agreement, causing damage to the property, or doing illegal activities on the property. The other category is no-fault which includes things staying at the house after the lease has expired.

How Do Tenant Evictions Work in Antelope Valley, California?

Every eviction process will look a little different depending on the circumstances. However, they all start with giving your tenant a written notice that you're beginning a court case.

From there, you'll start your court case by asking for a trial date. In some cases, you can get a default judgment without having to go to trial. From there, you'll go to trial where the judge will hear both sides of the argument.

Then, they'll make a judgment. If they side with you, the tenant will need to leave and potentially pay you money for missed rent or damages.

If the tenant wins, they'll be allowed to stay on your property. If you want to learn more about tenant eviction laws in California, you can check out this guide here.

How to Minimize the Chances of Tenant Evictions

There are multiple ways that you can minimize the chances of tenant evictions. That starts with finding them. Careful tenant screening procedures can minimize the chances of finding a bad tenant.

It does this by filtering out tenants with poor credit, spotty employment history, and criminal backgrounds. We also recommend building strong relationships with your tenants. That way, they're more likely to prioritize rent payments.

Eviction Protection

Another thing you can do is partner with a property management company like PMI Antelope Valley that offers eviction protection. Here's how it works. When you partner with us we'll screen all tenants for you.

Then, in the unlikely event that this tenant needs to be evicted, we'll handle the entire procedure. What's more, we'll also chip in to cover the cost and fees associated with the eviction up to $2000.

Tired of Dealing With Evictions? Contact PMI Antelope Valley

We hope this landlord tips guide helps you learn more about tenant evictions in Antelope Valley, California. Here at PMI Antelope Valley, we're passionate about shielding our clients from the stress of tenants.

That's why we use things like tenant screening and eviction protection to minimize the chances and impact of an eviction. So if you're ready for the peace of mind you deserve with rental real estate, contact us today.